Any investigator with the resources and capability can apply to access finite materials or protected data using the form below.

What do we have?

Please carefully read the clinical characterisation protocol here to see what samples we will be obtaining, and review the case report form here to understand the nature of clincal data that we collect before you submit a request. We will post regular updates on recruitment.

Briefly, we are recruiting at TIER2 Priority level 4 of the CCP, which means we obtain the following samples at days 1,3,9 nd 28 (day 1 is day of recruitment):

  • Serum (Clotted)
  • Plasma (EDTA tubes)
  • Cell pellets (extracted immediately for genotyping)
  • Blood in blood RNA tube (extracted immediately for RNA seq)
  • Combined nose and throat swab, otherwise a throat swab or nasopharyngeal swab alone
  • Nasopharyngeal aspirate (NPA)
  • Urine
  • Rectal swab or stool specimen
  • Samples/swabs from infected sites or sores

What are we doing?

We have posted a full list of planned consortium activities for ISARIC 4C.

Diagnostic evaluation platform.

(Dr Alex Mentzer, Oxford University)

ISARIC 4C has collected plasma and serum from COVID-19 cases and collated these samples into a sample bank for use in evaluating diagnostic tests. Our objective is to use this as soon as possible to test diagnostic/serological assays that might have an impact on the outbreak response. The resource is finite and when it is used, it is gone. We intend to use every drop.

Tests that can have an impact will almost certainly meet the following criteria:

  • funding in place
  • CE marking
  • test can be easily established in a new lab with minimal training
  • scalable production into the millions of tests within months

If your test meets these criteria, apply through the IDAMAC process (see below) and the supply enough tests to the DEP team in Alex’s lab. If the test is time-consuming or requires additional kit then we may have to ask for funding to support analysis.

We will then provide independent confirmation that your test works.

We have already supplied the first material anywhere in the world for use as a biological reference standard (see isaric4c.net/outputs/standards). We now refer all requests for biological standards to NIBSC.

Sample and Data access

Access to all data and samples collected by ISARIC4C are controlled by an Independent Data and Materials Access Committee (IDAMAC), composed of representatives of research funders, academia, clinical medicine, public health and industry. Their job is to ensure that all data and samples are used to generate the greatest possible benefit to humanity, in the shortest possible time.

If you are interested in requesting samples or data please briefly answer the questions below and send to isaric4c-samples@roslin.ed.ac.uk, including this statement in your email:

“I agree for the contents of my application to be shared publicly on the internet and other media by the ISARIC 4C consortium.”

  • Why will this help the global response to COVID19?
  • What will you do with the samples or data?
  • What samples (type & volume) or data do you need?
  • What is your previous track record of delivering similar work?
  • When will you complete the proposed work?
  • How will you fund the proposed work?
  • How do you plan to share data, results, and products from these samples?
  • What assurance can you give with regards to your safe handling and secure storage of samples and data?

Current Requests

Current Requests