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Consortium leadership


Objectives and Resources

Each Work Package has a lead and deputy who will be responsible for resource allocation and leadership

Each deliverable has a single consortium member who will be responsible for ensuring delivery

WP1. Coordination (Baillie, Semple, Openshaw(co-leads), Russell, Ho, Docherty, Noursadeghi, Law)

WP2. Viral transmission (Barclay(lead), Dunning(deputy), Zambon, Ho, Hiscox)

WP3. Pathogen characteristics and evolution (Hiscox(lead), Thomson(deputy), Zambon, Rambaut, Bogaert)

WP4. Clinical characterisation (Semple(lead), Baillie(deputy), Openshaw, Summers, Docherty, Russell, Dunning, Ho, Cooke)

WP5. Integrative analysis of disease mechanisms (Baillie(lead), Meynert(deputy), Thomson, Hiscox, Openshaw, Russell, Klenerman, Sancho Shimizu)

WP6. Immunology (Openshaw(lead), Klenerman(deputy), Thwaites, Zambon, Ijaz, Thomson, Turtle, Dunning, Solomon, Stuart)

WP7. Diagnostics and immunotherapeutics (Mentzer, Ijaz, Zambon(co-leads), Pollakis, Noursadeghi, Klenerman)

WP8. Facilitating translation to local clinical guidelines (Alex(lead), Bach(deputy), Grover, Baillie, Russell)

WP9. Long-term follow-up (unfunded) (Lone(lead), Semple(deputy), Jenkins, Turtle, Docherty, Baillie, Russell, many others…)