Recovery from COVID-19 critical illness

Journal of the Intensive Care Society May 2023

Fatigue may be less severe in patients who have recovered from Covid-19 than after other illness. ISARIC4C carried out a study to compare the prevalence and severity of fatigue in 92 Covid-19 versus 240 non-Covid-19 critical illness survivors. The study also explored the potential associations between baseline characteristics and worse recovery. ISARIC4C used secondary analysis of two prospectively collected data sets. The main outcome measures were self-reported fatigue severity and the prevalence of severe fatigue (severity>7/10) 3 and 12-months post hospital discharge. In the total sample of IMV-patients included (i.e. all Covid-19 and pre-pandemic patients), having Covid-19 was significantly associated with less severe fatigue (severity <7/10) after adjusting for age, sex and prior comorbidity (adjusted OR 0.35 (95%CI 0.15-0.76, p=0.01).